March 24, 2023

Kim Cattrall announced on Instagram that her mother, Shane, has passed away at 93 years old.

The actress posted a heartbreaking tribute of throwback photos of her and her mother together smiling, laughing, and hugging. She ended the collage with a photo of flowers on the ground with a small card that read “Shane Cattrall, 1929—2022.”

She inserted a red heart emoji into the caption and wrote, “Rest in peace Mum.”

Kim has often shared photos of her mother on social media. Earlier this year she celebrated her mother’s birthday by posting a photo of the pair together.

You’ve seen it all and we’re lucky to still have you with us,” she wrote back in February.

Kim’s mother can be seen side by side with her daughter in paparazzi shots and at premieres from the 1990s.

Many poured in the love and support for Kim in her post’s comment section.

“Sorry darling,” a much-liked comment said. “Sending you lots of love.”

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