January 29, 2023

Magical moments aren’t only reserved for fairytales; one couple on TikTok proved it. An adorable video of their adoration for each other went viral and inspired thousands of comments.

Many modern romances might be short-lived, but some couples prove that relationships can last forever. One such pair was highlighted thanks to TikToker, Molly Stewart.

She posted a video of a devoted grandfather walking into his kitchen to surprise his wife of 64 years. Despite spending decades together, he kept the spark alive and prioritized romancing the love of his life.

He Asked His Wife a Romantic Question
The grandfather asked his wife if she would be his valentine, and her response was priceless. She first asked him: “What do you think?” The husband comically replied that she had no choice in the matter.

The proud wife put her hands on his face and said: “I’ve been your valentine for 64 years.” She kissed her spouse and was surprised when he presented her with a red envelope.

The elderly man had one final compliment for his beloved lady and wooed her with a sentence many might think was reserved for teenagers.

The Husband’s Heartfelt Words
The wife loved her partner and the card, so she planted another kiss on his face. After she opened the sweet card, her spouse expressed:

“I love you, granny, I can’t do without you.”

The words melted the wife’s heart, and she told her husband he was the best valentine she ever had. After a lifetime together, the husband still wanted to spoil his bride. His card might have been simple, but it was a gesture that the wife appreciated.

Keeping Their Love Alive
The elderly man had one final compliment for his beloved lady and wooed her with a sentence many might think was reserved for teenagers. He stated:

“You make my world go round.”

Despite being grandparents, the charming couple kept their flame alive and gave many people a reason to believe in true love.

The Online Response
The online community praised the sweet connection between the couple. Their video was proof that some love stories lasted forever, and netizens commended the duo, expressing their desire to have something similar:

“I don’t want it if it ain’t like this.”

– (Monica Wilder) December 23, 2021

“‘I love you, granny. I can’t do without you.’ no truer words were ever spoken.”

– (Sistersledge78) December 23, 2021

“My heart!!!! This brought back memories of my parents. Thank you!!!!”

– (Cheryl-Ann) December 23, 2021

“Congratulations, sir. I bet she’s still just as beautiful today as she was the first time you met her.”

– (Peter Hinks) December 23, 2021

“They’ve been together for 64 years and still love each other. [I’m] praying [the same] for all married couples.”

– (Cynalou) December 22, 2021

“I could watch this over and over and cry every time!!! They’re so sweet!!! This is what true love is!”

– (Caitlin R Sanders) January 20, 2022

“This is the love I have! always wanted someone that loved me the way my grandpa loved my grandma. They were married for 52 years! I swear my hubby is just like this.”

– (Kristen Michelle) January 17, 2022

Another Display of True and Long-Lasting Love
Selfless and unwavering romances are rare but not impossible. Another couple stayed together for 72 happy years; theirs was a love story for the ages.

In a sweet clip, the dear husband named Kenneth approached his beautiful spouse and said:

“Baby, will you be my valentine?”

The devoted wife was stunned by her husband’s question and started laughing before she went in for a hug. She said she was and always would be his valentine. The woman was also impressed by the candy and card her loving spouse gave her.

In the card, Kenneth told his partner every day of his life was filled with happiness because of her. Wow, what a message to share after more than seven decades together!

Did these sweethearts renew your faith in real romance and beautiful acts of devotion? Please share your examples of never-ending passion, tenderness, and unconditional love.

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