April 2, 2023

nfortunately though, some trouble hit when the 1,500-pound horses ran right onto a frozen lake. After a sickening crack, the ice beneath their feet broke and the pair fell into the icy lake. The panicked horses when unable to get out, and the ice around them stopped them from swimming to shore. A neighbor spotted them and called 911, where emergency personnel immediately responded to rescue the terrified horses.

Word spread of the horses in trouble, and soon enough, neighbors were flocking to the disturbance to offer a helping hand.

“Some of the other neighbors were horse people so they went and got heaters, their blankets and stuff like that. It was, you know, one hell of a team effort,” said Chief Clapper. “Most men are tough but it was very emotional when I saw them out there and just felt a little helpless,” said Milton Mosier, farm manager at Quiet Valley.

The horses seemed close to giving up.

“For a moment there, we thought we were just going to have to watch them slip away and have to retrieve bodies and when we realized we could do something, and get them out of there.”

“We were gung ho just to get whatever we needed to get done to get them out of there,” Hannah said.

Finally, the horses were pulled to shore and placed under warm blankets set up by some of the local community.

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