April 1, 2023

An 11-year-old boy, buIIied at school because he had cancer, wowed everyone on the stage of America’s Got Talent and was awarded the Golden Buzzer by judge Simon Cowell

Recently, the North Carolina native wowed everyone with his violin talent when he performed on the America’s Got Talent stage.

Although Tyler is only 11 years old, he played the violin with such skill that everyone in the audience that night, as well as those watching at home, was delighted with his performance. The judges were also impressed by his performance.

However, that was not the only outstanding quality that Tyler had. The boy was buIIied at school when he was four years old because he had leukemia, so he started learning to play the violin.

Young Tyler struggled with therapy after he started losing his hair and was buIIied at school because of it.

According to Tyler, some students at school created stories that his illness was contagious, which led to him being alone at school.

Despite this, he eventually regained his strength and drive after coming across an ad for free violin lessons offered after school. When he first started playing the violin, he was only seven years old.

“All I did was practice in my bedroom, and the more I did it, the better I got,” he said. “It was just a matter of routine.”

“When I play the violin, it makes me forget the negative things in my life.”

It seems that the moment he performed “What Doesn’t KiII You, Makes You Stronger” on his violin, everyone instantly fell in love with him.

He even managed to turn Simon Cowell into a devoted follower of his work.

“I want to congratulate you, Tyler! You should be pretty pleased with yourself because you’re doing a great job, as are we all.”

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