April 2, 2023

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly spent Easter Sunday in the hospital.

Former NFL Star QB Jim Kelly Asks for Prayer After Cancer Returns

He wrote, “Happy Easter to everyone. Thanks for prayers. Love you all.”

Erin captioned the photo, “Happy Easter!!! He is risen!!! And on the day Jesus rose… my dad also stood and took his first steps since surgery! God is good!! Please continue to pray! #KellyTough #PrayersForJK.”

The post also included a short video of Kelly taking his first steps post surgery, following the written picture.

Kelly has been cancer-free since September 2014, after he won his battle with squamous cell carcinoma. After rounds of chemotherapy, his 2014 fight with cancer led to the removal of a piece of his jaw.

Four years later on March 1, 2018, he announced that cancer had returned. Kelly issued a statement stating,

“As our family has faced many trials and triumphs throughout the years, you have blessed us with your prayers. We are asking for those prayers once again. The oral cancer we hoped would be gone forever has returned. Although I was shocked and deeply saddened to receive this news, I know that God is with me. I continuously talk about the four F’s: Faith, Family, Friends and Fans. With all of you by my side, we will fight and win this battle together. Staying ‘Kelly Tough’ and trusting God will carry us through this difficult time.”

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They acted fast on the news, and this past Thursday, Kelly underwent surgery to remove the cancer.

Kelly continues to stand strong in the face of adversary, asking for prayers from everyone. He expressed his sadness at the cancer returning but stated that God would be with him every step of the way.

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