April 1, 2023

Great entertainers usually love their craft enough that they never want to retire, and actress Lindsay Wagner is no exception.

Beside her famous portrayal of the “Bionic Woman” on the popular 1970s TV show, she has many other acting credits.

She also has many recognitions and awards for the dozens of productions she has participated in.

At the Night of the Stars held by the San Diego International Film Festival, Wagner received a Humanitarian Award. After a lengthy career, the actress has not shown signs of any desire to quit.

It seems fitting that Wagner would have perseverance in her life when considering the types of roles she has played in her career.

In the “Bionic Woman,” Wagner played a secret agent who was surgically enhanced with robotic replacement parts that gave her super strength, speed and hearing.

In life, Wagner seems just as tough as her heroic television character because she has had success in many endeavors, including writing, teaching, coaching and modeling.

Lindsay’s childhood was marred by a divorce, and she lived with her mother in Los Angeles, California after the breakup.

Her acting endeavors began in Oregon where she participated in school plays.

She picked up her interest in acting again when she took on the role of hostess for the musical program “Playboy After Dark.”

She worked as a contract player with Universal studios beginning in 1971 and participated in many productions.

She appeared on many TV shows, including “The Rockford Files” and “Marcus Welby, M.D.,” and she also took some movie acting jobs during that period that included “The Paper Chase” and “Two People.”

She returned to television in 1975 with her iconic role as Jamie Sommers in “The Bionic Woman.” The show was a successful spinoff of the even more famous “Six Million Dollar Man” series that chronicled the adventures of Steve Austin who was played by Lee Majors.

The Sommers character was a romantic interest of the Austin character.

Her character was originally meant to die, but it was resurrected due to popular demand.

The Sommers character came back in a two-part special on “The Six Million Dollar Man,” and a spinoff show was created that gave Wagner the lead role in her own program.

“The Bionic Woman” debuted in 1976. While working on the popular show, Wagner also did some acting overseas.

Wagner looks back on her experience with the TV show, stating that it gave her a chance to do something she enjoyed while creating something meaningful, as she recalled to the Times Colonist.

Her character used intelligence and physical prowess to overcome difficult situations. She believes her heroism in the show caused ripples in the women’s movement.

Wagner still remains active in her goals to foster social change. She gave a speech at the fourth annual Global Empower Summit at the University of California in San Diego.

She named herself an advocate for human potential, and she spoke about domestic violence and other women’s issues, as mentioned by the San Diego Union-Report.

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