April 2, 2023

Candice Bergen is a renowned actress famous for her fierce role in “Murphy Brown,” which made her a five Primetime Emmy Award winner.

Besides her successful acting career, Bergen’s personal life was filled with the ups and downs of finding true love and having a family. The actress’s first husband, Louis Malle, was a French filmmaker she met in her 30s after she had been by herself for 19 years.

Candice Bergen and her late husband Louis Malle in Los Angeles 1988. | Source: Getty Images

In her book “A Fine Romance,” Bergen takes us through her love story with Malle. According to the actress, the courting stage of their relationship was backward.

Instead of the shy texting and long phone calls, Bergen and Malle went for what looked like a honeymoon. The actress wrote that they took a trip to Florance, Italy, and booked a villa with breathtaking views of the city’s architecture.

They were joined by Malle’s two children from his former relationships. Justin, six at the time, which the filmmaker shared with Canadian actress Alexandra Stewart. Cuote was nine then, and Malle had him with his German mother, Gila von Weitershausen.

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