February 6, 2023

Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin has shown vast improvement, so much so that doctors removed his breathing tube. He is awake and even texting and FaceTiming with teammates, friends, and family from his hospital room.

The respirator tube was removed overnight on Thursday, sources said, according to CNN, and the Bills confirmed that “His neurologic function remains intact, and he has been able to talk to his family and care team.”

Members of the sports media have also reported that Hamlin is communicating with associates and family members from his hospital bed.

“This is amazing: For the first time, #Bills S Damar Hamlin is addressing the team via Facetime. The breathing tube is out, and he’s spent the morning speaking to various teammates on Facetime. Now, he’s delivering a message to the entire group, I’m told,” NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport wrote.

Fans and supporters are counting Hamlin’s quick recovery as a miracle due to the power of prayer as the entire nation sent their good thoughts for Hamlin’s recovery from the cardiac arrest he suffered on the field on Monday, Jan. 2.

Other bits of the story around Hamlin’s collapse are also coming to the forefront.

Player Robert Griffin III is hoping people won’t forget the Bills staffer who saved Hamlin’s life by performing emergency CPR on the field after the player collapsed.

The Bills praised Kellington for his quick thinking and expert assistance during the incident.

“Amazing, to give it context to some extent, Denny is one of our assistant trainers just like anything else, our whole medical team, they go through their mock exercises for things like this but we are never around to see that,” Coach Sean McDermott said on Thursday.

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